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Crack the Rapidshare Site Empty Crack the Rapidshare Site

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 17, 2008 8:50 pm

Rapid Decoder is java decoder. Works great on Rapid Share website, just disable JavaScript in your browser, open source code and copy everything in unescape('') to this utilitie and click decode.

It will show you real path to the file. You can also use this for any website that has this similar encryption.

1. .NET Framework -
2. Rapid Decoder -

For Firefox users:

Step 1: Disable Javascript in Tools--> options-->Web Features
Step 2: Click on the rapidshare link, click on free . An error message 'enable javascript' will be displayed instead of the name of the file
Step 3: View Page Source. Go to the bottom and search for something like this unescape('%3C%68%33%3E%3C%66%6F%6E%74%20%63%6F%6C% 6F%72%3D%')
Step4: Copy everything between '' and decode it using the Rapid Decoder


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