Kamban Tamil Software Full version - Type in Tamil using normal keyboard

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Kamban Tamil Software Full version - Type in Tamil using normal keyboard

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 26, 2009 4:50 pm

Salient Features of the product:

* Tamil and English typing
* Ability to type in English for Tamil words - Phonetic Keyboard layout
* Choice of Tamil / English Menus, Message Boxes, dialog boxes Status bar messages and Tips.
* Automated Tamil and English spell check. When spell check is in progress, the program is intelligent to differentiate between English, Tamil and Bilingual fonts and select appropriate dictionary!
* Inserting Clipart images and Table Layouts.
* Newspaper style multiple column layout.
* Footnote feature to add and edit Footnote.
* Multiple Styles, fonts, colours and paragraph formatting.
* Find, Replace, Go to Page Nos. and Bookmark features.
* Bookmark compatible with the new RTF format!
* Windows 2000 user interface style.
* Clipart Gallery consisting of over 200 images.
* On Screen Header and Footer Editing.
* Separate First page header and footer.
* Automated Table of Contents using style sheet. This automatically updates page Nos. as the document is edited.
* Bullets and Numbering.
* Ruler, Status Bar, Format Bar and Tool Bar.
* Paragraphs, indenting and Tabs.
* Supports multiple file format: TSCII encoding, Bi-lingual encoding, New RTF format, and HTML Layout.
* Multiple Sectioned layout.
* Automated drop caps!
* 25 different fonts.
* Intelligent Font replacement, without affecting Tamil characters in English Font or English characters in Tamil font.
* Choice of three keyboard layouts - Govt. Standard, Kamban standard and Typewriter style plus the new Phonetic Typing facility.



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